Winter adventures‍‍‍‍‍‍

For thousands of years, skis have been used in the Nordic countries as a means of crossing the landscape and mountains – the oldest ski found in Sweden dates back from around 3200 BC. Today Nordic skiing is a cherished pastime and Dalens Gård Moutain Lodge and the area of Edsåsdalen is perfect for a ski and winter adventure.

Next to the mountain lodge there are ski slopes for alpine skiing, cross-country tracks for great exercise and plenty of marked trails for relaxing tours on Nordic skis. Dog sledding, snowshoe hiking, frozen waterfalls and meetings with wild animals are only part of what you can add to your visit in Edsåsdalen.

If you want to book a guided tour we can arrange with winter programs. Please e-mail us for more information.‍‍‍

‍‍‍Come out and pl‍‍‍ay!‍‍‍

   At the beginning of wilderness one finds Dalens Gård Mountain Lodge, a rustic and homely Scandinavian lodge with a multitude of adventures in the close surroundings. Ideally located in the picturesque rural village of Edsåsdalen and with the ski town Åre‍‍‍ and its world class restaurants, spas, plenty of small boutiques and great night life in only a 20 minutes drive.

Dalens Gård Mountain Lodge is a secluded place for cosy overnight stays and we‍‍‍eks full of outdoor adventures.    

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Dalens Gård Mountain Lodge
Edsåsdalen 770
SE-837 96 Undersåker

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The Lodge
At the lodge there is a fireplace, a sauna and many cozy corners to relax at. In the dining area there is a fully equipped kitchen. You sleep in comfortable beds in rooms with Scandinavian interior and view over the mountains. The lodge has four double rooms and one four-bed room.
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The lodge can be rented privately, please send us an e-mail for inquiries.
From 14 000 sek/week*.

*Low season.‍‍‍‍‍‍

A Bit of History

The history of the lodge dates back to 1913 when it was a magnificent hotel during the last period of mining at Fröå Gruva, next to Mt Åreskutan. The mountain rests in a trough of copper ore and the first finds were made in the Fröå area in 1744; mining soon began and was carried out over three centuries. After the mine closed in 1919 the house was sold and placed in Edsåsdalen, along the old village road a bit further up the slope. Settlements of the foundation can still be found. In 1930 the house was repositioned to where it stands today – welcoming guests to Dalens Gård Mountain Lodge.

Surrounded by Nature | Edsåsdalen

Dalens Gård

Mountain Lodge

Summer adventures‍‍‍

Summer holds endless possibilities for hiking and trail running. A favorite tour is Renfjällsrundan, trail number 220, that leads to the top of Mt Renfjället with a view that stretches over rolling mountain landscapes and towards Mt Åreskutan.

As the waters teem with char and trout, mountain fishing‍‍‍ in the lakes around Edsåsdalen is another adventure we highly recommend. Lake Hensjön is situated only 1,5 km from the mountain lodge and except for the easy accessible fishing it is also a charming spot for‍‍‍ hangouts and swimming on warm days.

Deep in the silent forests a vast array of treasures and treats are hidden and autumn is the season for foraging. Chanterelles, lingonberries, juniper berries and meadowsweet... Tighten your laces, bring a wooden basked and head out!

Do not pass up on the art trail “Konst(ig)-stigen” during your visit. The trail start right outside Dalens Gård Mountain Lodge and is a great family adventure.